The California Fire Service March-April 2023

Fire Prevention - Continued from page 19 RETIREMENTS March/April 2023 Barstow Fire Protection District Steve Ross Crescent City Fire and Rescue Thomas J. Smith YOUR RETIREMENT IS BIG NEWS - To be listed on this page e-mail details to: Esteban Sandoval - [email protected]. Deadline for the May/June 2023 edition is May 15, 2023. IN MEMORIAM March/April 2023 Los Angeles Fire Department Donald W. Ainsworth Norman J. Balcaen Kenneth D. Cassidy Jack J. Colby Donald J. Crockett Alberto S. De La Pena Fred J. Hawk James K. Lewis Ronald G. Mc Intyre Terrence M. Palmer Gilbert B. Ramelli Charles I. Wallin Earl G. Watz Varrick L. Young Los Angeles County Fire Department Allen B. Cox Frank Meier North Tahoe Fire Protection District Brock Wells Cal OES John Salvate THE CALIFORNIA FIRE SERVICE MAGAZINE • MARCH/APRIL 2023 • 21 Fire Service Databank In Memoriam May/June 2023 e-mail In Memoriam information to Esteban Sandoval - esteban.sandoval@ ants shows that: 1. Group A2L refrigerants, while having a slightly higher flammability, do not significantly increase the intensity of fire when compared to Group A1 refrigerants. 2. Most refrigerants can be flammable given the proper conditions. 3. The hazards presented by the newer Group A2L refrigerants are not significantly different from Group A1 refrigerants which have been in use for many years. 4. The fire service should be just as concerned with the hazards found in an air-conditioning system using Group A1 refrigerants because the hazards are very similar. UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute has conducted significant research into this issue. Source: Firefighter Safety and Flammable Refrigerants, UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute, Fire Safety Academy, May 6, 2021. About the author: Kevin Scott is President of KH Scott & Associates LLC. He is a retired Deputy Chief from Kern County Fire Department and now works as a Fire and Life Safety Consultant. One of his clients is Johnson Controls. Mr. Scott is a member of the CSFA Fire & Life Safety Committee. He may be reached at [email protected] this lineup. This year’s US Police & Fire Championships will take place in San Diego, June 10 - 17 and feature athletes competing in over 35 sports across 30 venues in the greater San Diego County, including bench press, dodgeball, pickleball, baseball, bowling, golf, tennis, water polo, CrossFit®, and more. These games provide a welcome connection between public safety personnel from varied backgrounds and cultures and offers the opportunity to develop camaraderie and celebrate the human spirit at its very best. The US Police & Fire Championships are one of four events that the California Police Athletic Federation presents in addition to the bi-annual World Police & Fire Games, the First Responders Relay and the brand-new North American Fall Classic, which will debut in November 2023. Registration for participation in the US Police & Fire Championships began mid-January. To learn more about the California Police Athletic Federation and its games, please visit With their expanded eligibility requirements, CPAF plans to welcome a whole new group of athletes and first responders into the organization and continue the Olympic style games for the decades to come. To learn more about the California Police Athletic Federation and its games, please visit Fire News - Continued from page 20