The California Fire Service March-April 2023

By the numbers Electric Car Fires 2825 Average number of electric car fires of all makes 2018 -2022. 600 Average number of car fires (all types of cars) per day 2016 - 2020. .03 Percentage of batteryelectric vehicles likely to ignite, comparted to 1.5% for gas-powered vehicles and 3.4% for hybrid vehicles. Sources: National Transportation Safety Board report Safety Risks to Emergency Responders from Lithium-Ion Battery Fires in Electric Vehicles, CM Data and Research. 22 • THE CALIFORNIA FIRE SERVICE MAGAZINE • MARCH/APRIL 2023 49 Average annual number of civilian deaths caused by these fires 2016 - 2020. 7 Number of Tesla car fires in 2022 that occurred while they were being charged.