The California Fire Service March-April 2023

20 • THE CALIFORNIA FIRE SERVICE MAGAZINE • MARCH/APRIL 2023 he California Police Athletic Federation (CPAF), a non-profit organization committed to promoting sports and physical fitness among first responders, has announced that volunteer and part time firefighters are now eligible to participate in the US Police & Fire Championships in San Diego. “We are incredibly grateful and happy to announce that volunteer and part time firefighters, in good standing, will now be able to participate in the 56th season of the US Police & Fire Championships,” said Larry “LC” Collins, President of the California Police Athletic Federation. “USPFC continues to grow to serve a wide variety of public service agencies and we can’t wait to welcome the new athletes. This expansion of eligibility requirements for prospective athletes coincides with our recent rebranding which better reflects the role of both law enforcement and fire in our organization today.” The new eligibility requirements states that volunteer or part time firefighters, in good standing, of an eligible agency with a minimum or two years’ service are welcome to participate. Retired volunteer or part time firefighters with 10 or more years of service are also invited to compete. T According to CPAF Vice President Jim King, one of two firefighter members of the Board, the move to allow participants that are volunteers makes sense. “It’s frankly just good business,” says King. “Our events are some of the best run competitions. They are really spectacular events, and this is a great opportunity to increase our pool of competitors,” he added. “As a retired firefighter I am a proud member of the Board and this is the right way to go.” King himself was a former competitor in the games, as power lifter during his time as a firefighter with the Indianapolis Fire Department. He has been retired for four years, following a back injury, but gives back to the fire service through his involvement with CPAF. Since 1967, CPAF has hosted Olympic-style games to promote physical fitness and camaraderie among members of the police community. As time has passed, CPAF has grown to include a broader range of first responders including members from Law Enforcement, Fire, Corrections, and Emergency Service Agencies. Now, the organization is excited to welcome volunteer and part time firefighters to Fire News US Police & Fire Championships now open to volunteer and part time firefighters Competition to be held June 10 to 17 in San Diego Continued on page 21