The California Fire Service March-April 2023

THE CALIFORNIA FIRE SERVICE MAGAZINE • MARCH/APRIL 2023 • 9 Department). The formation of the organization would not have been possible without matching donations from Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors: Hilda Solis, Holly J. Mitchell, Sheila Kuehl, Janice Hahn, Kathryn Barger. And Los Angeles City Council Members : Nithya Raman, Nury Martinez, Monica Rodriguez, and Joe Buscaino. Once we established a board of directors and bylaws, we eventually achieved our non-profit status. The six key areas we focus on are: 1) Identify current issues that need to be addressed through internal culture change. 2) Assist agencies in addressing issues that inhibit equity and consistency in hiring and training. 3) Promote community awareness for acceptance and respect of women in the fire service. 4) Establish internal networks and processes for mentoring and growth. 5) Identify ways to ensure that fire service work environments are welcoming and conducive to supporting parenting for all members. 6) Identify current areas where women may be negatively impacted. The mentorship program is the fastest growing area of our organization. WFA has over 80 women being supported through the academy, probation, and promotions. We have “text groups” set up. Women firefighters can answer questions and give advice, and everyone benefits from the information. We talk about everything from ladders to chainsaws to which wildland boots are best to many questions that male firefighters don’t have the answers to, like the best way to secure your hair. WFA has recently expanded our board of directors to include women and men of various departments and ranks. We are active in supporting girls empowerment camps and women’s fire preparation academies. We are working with the Los Angeles Area Regional Training Group to establish Q & A with potential future women firefighters and panel from WFA at Long Beach Women’s Fire Prep Academy 2022. Continued on page 16 Women’s Fire Alliance - Continued from page 6