The California Fire Service May-June 2019

12 • THE CALIFORNIA FIRE SERVICE MAGAZINE • MAY/JUNE 2019 CSFA Political Action Committee member Matt Epstein of Dry Creek Rancheria Fire Department, and Assembly- member Freddie Rodriquez (D – Pomona) CSFA Central Division Director Ray Ramirez of Visalia Fire Department, Assemblymember Devon Mathis (R – Visalia) and, Alan Wilkinson, Visalia Fire Department. injuries and complications directly attributed to fire in this case. 1 This benefit recognized that severe burns have more than a year’s recovery time. This law allows a firefighter to fully recover from a burn injury without the fear of losing his or her salary and benefits. The coverage for up to three years of Enhanced Industrial Disability Leave for burn injuries would apply to firefighting in and outside of the State of California. In May, the State Assembly passed a bill to make workers’ compensation benefits available to firefight- ers injured whether injured in fire suppression or rescue operations within the state or out-of-state response ef- forts. The next effort needs to be made to guarantee injured workers the best medical care ongoing in their recovery from an injury. Whether you need skin graft- ing, prosthetics, or modifications made to your home, you deserve to have the best medical care possible. Now we urge all of you to begin the legal correction of the Utilization Review/IMR system currently in place that interferes drastically with the firefighter’s recovery from serious injuries. Future articles will address that need in further detail. 1. Enhanced Industrial Disability Leave of course can be paid if you suffer a physical injury other than burns as a result of fire, assaults or emergency medical response. Linda Brown is recommended by CSFA for workers’ compensation matters. She may be reached at 415- 925-9212. Legal Corner - from page 15